Monday, October 20, 2008


If you weren't already a fan of House M.D. you will be know.... One of the main characters (House calls her 13 because that was her number when she was first hired, her "real" name is Dr. Hadley) turns out to be bisexual. In a brilliant part played by Olivia Wilde (also played a bisexual woman on the O.C.) we finally see some girl-on-girl action on Fox!

Let's hope there is more where that came from!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ladies - Episode 2 (Dani Campbell)

This episode of the Ladies is about, you guessed it, Dani Campbell. Ever since she first appeared on Tila Tequila’s – “A shot at Love” I have been in love with her ;) Tila’s show on the other hand I did not love, don’t want to rant about it here—Dani deserves nothing but positivity in a post about her—but damn… that show was the most annoying thing ever. I only watched because of Dani. I don’t have to tell you that she looks absolutely gorgeous, just take a look at this picture:

After Tila chose some annoying guy over her in the finale, Dani was free to explore the world with her new fan base right behind her. She has been doing some appearances, signings, interviews and she continues to work as a fire fighter! Yes, a firefighter! She is also an EMT which I guess is a good thing with ladies’ harts stopping wherever she shows up. On a more serious note, she is not just a pretty face. Although I can’t say I’ve met her in person, she seems to be really open to TV and in interviews and comes across and a very loving and genuine person. Even through Tila’s ridiculous assignments she stayed herself. Good example: all the girls had the dress up like angels (more like playboy-type angels) but Dani didn’t budge and kept her pants on.
Please find below a clip that will help you to get to know Dani a bit better or just enjoy her all over again *wink*

On a more serious note, check this interview:

If you want to know more about Dani or her clothing line Futch Appearal go on Google.

I hope you enjoyed this second episode of the Ladies, leave comments if you have any feedback!

The Ladies - Episode 1 (Rachel Maddow - part 1)

The Ladies is a recurring section on my blog concerning out lesbian women that should be an example to us all. Episode 1 is about Rachel Maddow.

I am a fan! That's all I can say about Rachel. She is a shining example of an intelligent and articulate political commentator. If that wasn't enough, she is also the first-ever out lesbian commentator on a major American broadcast. Her show on MSNBC is in the very popular 9 p.m. time slot and has been getting very good ratings. Might I add that she is also pretty futch (term coined by Dani Campbell on which I will definitely post something soon)which makes her appearance on a major national broadcaster even more spectacular. Because who thought there could ever be someone like that after ellen?
Her opposition to Sarah Palin is a must see:

I could show many clips form her show but her recent appearance on Leno should definitely be noticed:

Although I think people in the community should stay out of each other's hair about the whole butch/femme thing, going on Leno like that is a really cool thing for me (as a butchier type girl) to see in mainstream media. Another great thing about this whole interview is that she is there NOT as a lesbian but as a political commentator. Kudo's to Jay Leno for this one!
If you want to read more about Rachel please check out these two interviews with her on after ellen: 1 and 2


Every blog needs an introduction but unfortunately most are quite boring. I'll try to keep this one short and sweet. If you didn't guess it from the title, the blog is about me and I am a lesbian. I've grown up in an environment were being gay is considered normal and is accepted which has given me a great deal of confidence. Therefore this blog is mostly going to be about fun stuff related to lesbians, celesbians (= famous lesbians) etc. However, I am a politics major so undoubtabley that will shine through now and again. Lastly, it is also a bit about me, my life, crushes etc.
Some data on me: I'm 20, a politics/law major at the top liberal arts college (all classes in English, 35% international students) in the Netherlands (country in Europe). In my free time (which is hard to come by during the semester) I love to sing and I am also a total newsjunkie (goes with being a political major I guess).

I promised this introduction to be sweet and the following video is definitely sweet and sticky...

This video is a clip from the first episode of season 6 of NCIS where Cote de Pablo is once again starring as Ziva David, a Mossad agent.
This is a song orginally from Tom Waits' album named 'Frank's Wild Years' and it was later covered by the wonderful Diana Krall (lyrics and audio of her version can be found here)
The full lyrics + translation of Cote's version are:
Rusted brandy in a diamond glass
Everything is made from dreams
Time is made from honey slow and sweet
Only the fools know what it means
Temptation, temptation, temptation
Oh, temptation, temptation, I can't resist
Well I know that she is made of smoke
(Oui, je sais quil est fait de fumée)
But Ive lost my way
(Oui, je msuis paumée)
He knows that I am broke
(Il sait que jsuis fauchée)
But I must play
(Mais à moi djouer, oui)
Temptation, oh temptation, temptation, I cant resist
(Tentation, hmm, tentation, tentation, jpeux pas résister)